Kombo SDC +

Automatic cutting plotter for super wide format digital printing.

Speed and precision.

Kombo SDC+ is designed by Elitron to integrate and automate the workflow with increasingly popular super wide format digital printers. Extremely flexible, this conveyor cutting system is ideal for both banner and rigid material in the digital printing, cardboard, sign and billboard industries. Resulting from more than 25 years of Italian manufacturing experience, and technological innovation, Elitron’s systems are equipped with multi-tool heads for cutting, milling, creasing and engraving.


Applications and materials

Kombo SDC+ perfectly allows you to effectively work both large rolls of material and many different types of rigid media with an excellent quality-price ratio. Maximum flexibility for materials used in visual communications and packaging, including super wide format like advertising banners, big promotional trade fair stand panels, promotional flags, and also packaging, POS displays, transparent containers, folders, binders, boxes, embossed logos, brochure holders and many more. Processes a wide range of materials with extreme precision (printed or not) like: forex, dibond, PVC, plastics, films, textiles, reboard, paper and cardboard, corrugated cardboard, foams.

Detection systems

Artificial intelligence at the service of man.

Each detection system makes our integrated systems the best allies in your everyday work.

Seeker System

Vision system for automatic, digital registration mark identification and printed images.

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