Complements of style


Advanced cutting systems that combine precision and speed.

We never lose control.

High quality standards

Cutting solutions combined with technologies resulting from constant research support your company in achieving the set business objectives, always maintaining a high production level.

The ultimate in comfort.

Even during production, our integrated systems work by your side, saving you time and avoiding waste of materials and resources. You will never have to pause your production process and you will significantly cut costs. Our worldwide 24 hours support with a team of software and hardware specialists will be an absolute guarantee for you. We and our partners are always close to your production line.

We cut every finish line

Always ready for a new gear shift.

Versatility is one of the main features of the cutting solutions designed and developed by Elitron. Thanks to systems that combine intelligently with each other, we are able to give convincing answers to all your questions.

New directions

We always look forward.

Each Elitron integrated system stands out for its technological and artificial intelligence components that make each solution unique in its sector. Research and Development are our engine.

The future is already here.

Our systems integrate technique, technology and sophisticated robotic innovations to best meet the specific needs of all markets, from fashion to automotive, from the industrial sector to the furniture sector to packaging and visual communication.

Elitron's advanced technologies.

Open the gates of the future.

Our R&D department works constantly to anticipate the needs of your market, leaving you free to look at new horizons. We are the technological partner of companies aiming for the future.

Elitron CAD

CAD Design Softwares specific for shoes, leather goods and apparel industries.


Elevata compatibilità con ogni formato. Tecnologie evolute integrate, superiamo ogni ostacolo.

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