Solutions for living


Time saving, no material waste.

Extreme control, absolute quality

We love accuracy.

The solutions developed by Elitron, thanks to the integration with robotic systems and advanced intelligence, allow you to achieve a final result finished to the millimeter, obtaining a unique product in terms of value and quality.

Free to create.

Integrated systems that are able to work even 24 hours a day, supporting large processes. You will save time and resources, leaving room for creative freedom. You will never have to pause your production process and you will significantly cut costs. Our worldwide support with a team of software and electronics specialists will be an absolute guarantee for you. We and our partners are always close to your production line.

Leathers and fabrics

We follow all trends.

Thanks to our integrated systems, versatility is our strength. Whatever the fabrics, materials and shapes of your interior collection, we are able to suggest the right cutting solution, specific for furniture and upholstery. We will support your every idea with the most innovative production intelligence.

Smart solutions

When innovation blends with beauty.

Our technologies easily meet your design: all materials, all types of processing. Elitron integrated systems anticipate market transformations, giving you a solid competitive advantage.

The future is already here.

Our systems integrate technique, technology and sophisticated robotic innovations to best meet the specific needs of all markets, from fashion to automotive, from the industrial sector to the furniture sector to packaging and visual communication.


Open the gates of the future.

Our R&D department works constantly to anticipate the needs of your market, leaving you free to look at new horizons. We are the technological partner of companies aiming for the future.

Elitron CAD

CAD Design Softwares specific for shoes, leather goods and apparel industries.


Elevata compatibilità con ogni formato. Tecnologie evolute integrate, superiamo ogni ostacolo.

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