Elitron for your competitiveness

Our integrated systems for highly flexible production.


We optimize production processes.

For you who are looking for perfection in an industrial sector, we develop solutions combined with robotic and technological systems to save you time, costs, resources and materials.

Keyword: efficiency.

Our goal is your success. We design and manufacture integrated systems that are able to respond to specific needs, sector by sector, with a single goal: to make your production cycle more fluid.


Different needs, different answers.

We add value to every company. Continuous research has led us to explore new markets and new sectors, diversifying our skills as much as possible. Today, thanks to the development of new technologies, we are able to guarantee extreme versatility both in terms of materials and processing.


Strength, solidity, reliability.

The cutting solutions made by Elitron stand out for their strength and durability, characteristics that guarantee maximum efficiency over time. The solidity of our integrated systems guarantees durability over time and lowers the need for maintenance, with significant cost savings. You will never have to pause your production process and you will significantly cut costs. Our worldwide support with a team of software and electronics specialists will be an absolute guarantee for you. We and our partners are always close to your production line.

The future is already here.

Our systems integrate technique, technology and sophisticated robotic innovations to best meet the specific needs of all markets, from fashion to automotive, from the industrial sector to the furniture sector to packaging and visual communication.

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