B2B and B2C

Solutions for marketing, communication and advertising.


The foundation of your sales process.

Sales, retail, merchandising, marketing, communication, PR. Our cutting solutions help your products attack the market in a convincing way. Whatever your business goal, we help you achieve it.

We can follow all paths.

Whatever your strategic route towards achieving your sales objectives, we know how to follow it, finding the solution cut to your needs.


From the stand to the corner, down to the smallest detail.

The integrated systems we develop, perfectly match your every strategic solution, making every creative idea concrete. Forex, Dibond, PVC, Plastics, Films, Fabrics, Re-board, Paper and cardboard, Corrugated, Foam and many others are the materials that we can manage, shaping to your marketing strategy.


The DNA of our integrated systems.

Thanks to the highly technological solutions and robotic integrations, our cutting solutions adapt with extreme versatility to every production need.

One goal: simplify your work by making the production flow fluid, saving time, costs, minimizing operator intervention.

The future is already here.

Our systems integrate technique, technology, and sophisticated robotic innovations to best meet the specific needs of all markets, from fashion to automotive, from the industrial sector to the furniture sector to packaging and visual communication.

Elitron's advanced technologies.

Open the gates of the future.

Our R&D department works constantly to anticipate the needs of your market, leaving you free to look at new horizons.

We are the technological partner of companies aiming for the future.

Elipack Design CAD

CAD Software package for packaging.

Seeker System

Vision system for automatic, digital registration mark identification and printed images.

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