The automatic cutting systems for Industrial Materials.

Strengh and accuracy.

The complete range of Kombo T cutting tables, both with fixed table and with conveyor belt, designed for the precision processing of different technical materials, from the softest foam to the hardest reinforced graphite. Quickly respond to customers’ requests from the aeronautics, upholstery, protective packaging, industrial rubber and gaskets sectors, and much more using the most appropriate tool thanks to the multi-tool carriage. High-tech precision cutting tables, milling and cutting units with independent axes, automatic tool change, possibility of processing different materials in the same working session.


Applications and materials.

KOMBO T is able to cut a wide range of materials, finishing each shape with extreme precision. Aramid, foam up to 120 mm thick for protective packaging, asbestos-free, bakelite, composites, copper, fiberglass, hard and foamed rubber, MDF, PVC, PTFE, PE, Polycarbonate, Polyethylene foam, stainless steel graphite for gaskets.

The Kombo T range is 100% designed and Made in Italy, using the most advanced Elitron technology.

Detection systems

Artificial intelligence at the service of man.

Each detection system makes our integrated systems the best allies in your everyday work.


Algoritmi evoluti che migliorano il tuo flusso di lavoro. Niente è lasciato al caso.

Seeker System

Vision system for automatic, digital registration mark identification and printed images.

Opera Offline

Precisione al millimetro, massima sostenibilità. Non ne lasciamo nemmeno uno.

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