Cutting system for leather, textile and synthetic materials in rolls.


Kudos is the innovative cutting system dedicated to the world of footwear, leathergoods, textile and synthetic materials in rolls. Synonymous of productivity and reliability, two independent cutting heads, the conveyor belt, Kudos is available with two different working areas, 1600 mm and 2000 mm, depending on the width of the processing materials.

Thanks to DOMINO Software, interfaceable with the management system, for the management of the cutting orders. DOMINO can coordinate all data (article, quantity, patterns, and materials), and plan the activity of one or more cutting units.

Applications and materials.

Kudos can cut leather, synthetic materials and textiles – both monolayer and multilayer – cellulose and other materials like texon, fibrous cardboard to realize a wide range of manufacturing and be innovators in sectors such as: Footwear, Leather goods, Furniture and Apparel.

Kudos can include EliNest nesting software (standard) or to the more powerful Opera (optional) or to NesCUT software for an intelligent automatic nesting on materials with printed logo and textures.

Detection systems

Artificial intelligence at the service of man.

Each detection system makes our integrated systems the best allies in your everyday work.


Algoritmi evoluti che migliorano il tuo flusso di lavoro. Niente è lasciato al caso.

Opera Offline

Precisione al millimetro, massima sostenibilità. Non ne lasciamo nemmeno uno.


Quando la memoria incontra la precisione. L’automazione al servizio dello stile.


La nostra precisione incontra la tua libertà di movimento. Semplifichiamo la complessità.

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