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Elipack Design CAD

CAD Software package for packaging.



Elipack is the CAD design, software package developed in Windows™ and MAC by Elitron, specifically for packaging, displays and communications. Complete with a range of ready-to-use parametric project designs which can be created using many different types of material.


Extreme precision, great versatility.

  • With Elipack you can see the develpment of the product in 3D, during
    creation, in order to reduce review times.

  • Compatible with all popular plotters in the market, and in particular with Elitron’s KOMBO line.

  • A dedicated integrated application simplifies the interface with Adobe Illustrator, and the management of images and graphics for individual

  • Creates clear and legible documents and animated 3D pdf which simplifies information management.

  • Elipack has tools and features to facilitate freehand project design.

  • The designer can use a series of parametric components (wings, closure elements, holes etc.) to facilitate the project creation.

  • A comprehensive parametric library of boxes and displays to simplify the designers workload, whilst representing internaltional standards.

  • 3D viewing module to check projects for any possible structural and/or graphic errors. Animated sequences illustrate the project assembly procedure, from flatpack to final product. Option to export files to Adobe PDF in 3D and import external 3D objects.


We simplify the way of designing.

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Elipack Design CAD

CAD Software package for packaging.

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